adventures in nature with a camera

A new circle

circleAnglezarke moors are like home to me. I know every ditch and every peaty bog. I’ve tramped their every yard in all weathers since childhood, perhaps earlier. I thought I knew it well and had perhaps become rather distant and ‘familiar’ with the place. That may have changed today.

This morning I was taken by surprise by a stone circle, one that I’ve never found before. It’s not too obvious and perhaps not centuries old. Ringed by rushes, the tops of the stones caught the morning light, frost glistening from the millstone grit and sparkling on the surrounding grasses.

No more than three or four strides across, the unbroken circle of stone rises knee height from a knoll, centred by a couple of large flat boulders.

My goal was Round Loaf, a perhistoric mound of uncertain origin, but today I didn’t make it. The frost spangled mosses and sunlit ice patches held my attention so I took time to stay in this spot and explore the lie of the light and the curve of the shadows in the macro landscapes around me.

The moorlands hold so many questions if we listen. Perhaps the answers lie there too, amongst the moss, snipe and field voles that, too, call this place home.


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