adventures in nature with a camera

Ainsdale Dawn


Ainsdale has long been one of my favourite places. Especially before the crowds arrive, when the moan of the wind, the call of the gulls and the muted roar of the tide are all that can be heard. Backed by an expanse of sand dunes the beach stretches seawards for several hundreds of yards, that is unless the tide is high, at which times it laps and pulls at the toes of the dunes.

Early on this particular morning I chose to spend some time in the dunes seeing what my camera eye could find. Here are just a few of the pictures that I took. Seedheads, snail shells, sand patterns and sea gulls… at one point incongruously accompanied by the lilting strains of the bagpipes drifting from the nearby Pontins holiday camp. Wakey wakey campers!






There’s a few shots over on my photographic site here if you’re hungry for more…

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