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Coast – Liverpool

1501a296In some ways I thought I could have done much better. After all Liverpool is a coastal city, with a vibrant community and lively docklands. But it is what it is, and it was what it was.

My day working with this chunk of industrial coastline came right on the back of slogging my way around the Wirral Peninsula which held some surprises along with the challenges of urban heaviness. I’ll be posting some of my earlier shots soon… for now here are the best of my Liverpool.

I did shoot the docks with the cathedral in the background, more out of expectation than artistry. These are the shots that more accurately sum up my connection with the place on the day of my visit. As you can see the weather wasn’t the best. Brightest blue skies, harsh edged light and a tearing wind that whipped up sandstorms on the beaches and dust storms elsewhere.

My favourite image is the last one I took (above), captured from the middle of Antony Gormley’s statues which I confess to never having seen before. I will visit again as I’m sure there are shots of the sculptures that I simply couldn’t see in the abundance of light.

My next coast date will begin in Crosby and see me weaving my way towards the more familiar territory of Formby. Ahhh… that’s better…








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