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My new favourite place (for now at least!)


Many years ago, perhaps longer than a decade, I remember sitting on a cliff top looking out from the Isle of Mull. Before me stretched a vast sound of ocean, still and deep blue in the late summer sun. Beyond rose a land mass that seemed solid and impenetrable, like something from the film The Lost World.

I decided to return and see what the land had to offer me. Later that evening I researched the place as I sat in my b&b. Apparently it was the Ardnamurchan Peninsula, one of Scotland’s last wilderness places, home to otter, eagles (both sea and golden), wild cat and pine marten to name just the big species.

Needless to say life got in the way and I didn’t allow myself time to make the trip and the dream faded into the background of my busy life. Faded… it never disappeared.

Occasionally I read about the place, checked out photos and planned the route, all 8 hours of it. I never made concrete plans though.


That was until late this summer when we had the opportunity to travel and my wife asked where I’d like to go. Scotland was very definitely on the agenda and Ardnamurchan was right at the top of my list. So we headed north to spend a week wild camping on the most beautiful of beaches.

The folk up there are few and far between, unlike the wildlife. We saw the same dozen or so several times throughout our visit and more than one encouraged us to keep this wilderness paradise a secret. So shhh… don’t tell anyone!

I’ll be posting more of my shots from the visit but for now here are a few images from one beach, taken near sunset or sunrise over a few days.






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