adventures in nature with a camera

Rock erotica


My #outland project is taking me to some very interesting places and gifting me some rather special photographic opportunities.

Last week I reached St Bees on the west Cumbrian coast and after playing with various long exposure settings on the stony beach for a while decided to hike over the headland to the neighbouring bay a few hours before sunrise.

I stumbled up the steep path and gingerly felt my way along the clifftop until I dropped into a bay hidden beneath the flashing lighthouse. Twilight was approaching as I made my way down the gorge, surrounded by eerie echoes of my own feet on the shingle bed.

Emerging from the mouth of the cliffs I found myself amongst some rather unique sandstone formations and spent ages shooting them as the light slowly overcame the darkness. One area in particular looked oddly like bodies on the beach and I worked with them for an hour or so until the tide was lapping between their legs.






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